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Supplier of military, police and SWAT gear from Blackhawk, Eagle and Hydrastorm. Also supply professional firearms - SNIPER rifles & equipment, Tactical Gear, Police Gear, Spec-ops gear for all Special Operations and professional users.







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For BLACKHAWK and Hydrastorm items, you can either order via my catalog (access using icon on home page) or by sending me an email with the item number.  If you order via internet, you will automatically recieve 20% off (online catalog prices reflect this savings) and no tax is charged. 


Ordering via email  may give higher discounts, depending on the specific order quantity.  Send me a list of items and item numbers and I'll price it out for you.  You can pay via credit card using the PayPal link, or I can send a web invoice. 

Shipping charges are applied in both cases, they are usually not more than $10-15.

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