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Supplier of military, police and SWAT gear from Blackhawk, Eagle and Hydrastorm. Also supply professional firearms - SNIPER rifles & equipment, Tactical Gear, Police Gear, Spec-ops gear for all Special Operations and professional users.

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Knights Manufacturing

Z-M Weapons
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Knives by Masters of Defense

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Barret Sniper Riffles

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Otis Cleaning Supplies Now Available!!

CFI Arms Catalog

Tons of HI-SPEED / HI-QUALITY firearms, auto knives (military only), optics etc. For the best prices email me the item number that you want (you'll be suprised!!).
G-Co_scroll_CC_Creations.jpg (11476 bytes) T-Patch_CC_creations.jpg (4402 bytes) New STICKERS - 36th Infantry Division "T-Patches" and the scrolls from the now deactivated Golf Company-143rd Infantry (Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol Unit)

Stickers are $5.00 each, $4 for former members!!

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Z-M Weapons

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LR300 with 37mm grenade launcher